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LenCD is an open Learning Network on Capacity Development that links many initiatives globally and is supporting an evolving community of practice.

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WELCOME to this collection of resources related to capacity development. We hope that this collection will serve as a useful reference for your work and learning towards AN EMERGING AGENDA on capacity development.

This CD-ROM contains many useful documents drawn from major events, research, policy guidance, and tools developed in recent years. The resources are grouped in five categories:
This collection is a sample of the wealth of resources that exist. For more sources of information, please see the CONTACTS & LINKS page.

We are grateful to all contributing organizations – the African Capacity Building Foundation, the Asian Development Bank, the Capacity Collective, Capacity.org, the European Center for Development Policy Management, the OECD/DAC and in particular to the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank Institute and GTZ for their support in conceiving, compiling, and producing this CD ROM.

Promoting Knowledge and Good Practice: LenCD

The Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD) is an informal network of analysts and practitioners aimed at creating a global community of practice around capacity development. Its objectives are to facilitate the sharing of lessons and distill quality criteria for good practice; promote research, share experiences, monitor outcomes and carry out other empirical work; foster country-level, regional and international dialogue and collaboration; promote the mainstreaming of capacity development issues into agency operations; and act as a key partner to advance the OECD/DAC's capacity development agenda.

The network emerged from several streams of research and conferences over recent years and was established in June 2004. LenCD was instrumental in organizing a roundtable on capacity development as part of the Paris High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness and in substantively guiding the development of a widely agreed reference paper "The Challenge of Capacity Development: Working Towards Good Practice" adopted by the DAC in 2006. LenCD organizes annual global events like the Nairobi Forum in October 2006 "Addressing the Paris Declaration: Collective Responsibility for Capacity Development."

Website: http://www.lencd.org/
Email: contact@lencd.org

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